Stress Management

Are you finding it hard concentrate, is your mind running out of control or do you get nervous easily?

In today’s fast paced and busy world, with endless pressures and distractions, anxiety and stress are all too common.  Fear and worry arising from the COVID19 pandemic due to health risks, isolation, financial worries, ever-changing lifestyle restrictions among others have only heightened these feelings.

Temporary feelings of worry or anxiety is a normal human reaction. However, in some cases these reactions become overwhelming and intrusive upon daily lives.  The more it happens, the more one worries about it happening and it quickly turns into a vicious circle resulting in confusion, conflict, uncertainty and indecision.

Hypnosis can help you handle stress from internal and external factors by understanding the root cause(s) and learning techniques to overcome automatic stress responses.  It will relax and calm you, whilst re-training your mind to displace negative thoughts into more positive and lifting ones.

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